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Item Name: Biotree Urn

Be a Tree with the Biotree Urn.

The Biotree Urn holds cremated remains in the base, while a tree grows from the top of the urn in a nutrient-rich coco peat soil. Each Biotree Urn includes a unique geotag code, to mark the final resting place and create an online memorial.

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The Biotree Urn has been designed to shape a greener planet by changing our traditions from those of graves, to those of forests. Celebrating life with a living urn - a living memorial in the form of a tree. Traditional burial is not sustainable and could cause an ever-expanding crisis globally, damaging the environment and using up vast amounts of space.

The Biotree Urn fits up to 90 cubic inches of remains and is made of bamboo fibers, cornstarch and a natural binding agent. A coco peat disk nested in Portuguese cork in the center aids in fertilizing the surrounding soil and neutralizes the pH levels of cremated remains, creating a healthy environment for a tree to grow.

We take great care in selecting tree species that are harmonious to your local environment, complementing the unique flora footprint that surround them and creating a living tribute to those who now rest at their roots.

After planting a sapling or seed, the Biotree Urn itself can be kept unplanted for several weeks. This provides your family with a period of time to keep a loved one close after saying goodbye.

Each Biotree Urn helps support humanitarian and animal organizations.

5" Dia. x 11"H


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